Hostels in NY: The Perfect Alternative For Travelers On A Budget

Hostels in NY: The Perfect Alternative For Travelers On A Budget
February 23, 2016 jeigh

New York is a fantastic travel destination. With so many different sights to see and things to do, there is bound to be something for everyone in New York. The cost for these fun and interesting things to do can quickly add up, eating away at a traveler’s budget. Hotels can be pricey, and if one is hoping to spend time exploring the state, can seem like a waste of money. Over time, many alternatives to hotels have become popular with travelers, but none can provide the unique experience a guest has when staying in hostels. NY has seen a number of hostels open in the past few years, proving that this is no passing fad.

Social Life

Staying in a hostel is a great way to meet new people, make friends, and see the sights of the city with other like-minded people. Travelers who pick hostels in NY tend to be the type of people who prefer to spend their time out seeing what the city has to offer rather than spending their time inside a hotel room. This provides a social experience for guests, and can help form lasting friendships. Hotels can have a cold atmosphere, and outside of any dining options provided, guests rarely have an opportunity to interact with each other.

Inexpensive But Not Cheap

The biggest benefit to hostels in NY, however, is their cost. Short term accommodations in NY can run upwards of hundreds of dollars per night, whereas hostels are significantly more affordable. Even Airbnb can cost about the same as a theatre ticket, or other exciting experiences. Hostels tend to cost about the same as a good meal making them significantly more attractive to the thrifty traveler. Hostels are the perfect alternative to pricey hotels and Airbnb stays.


Hostels in NY aren’t the hostels from the movies – a good hostel will have just as many amenities as some hotels. Travelers can take advantage of Wi-Fi, dining areas, and security all while still saving hundreds of dollars a night. Hostels also tend to have social areas, where travelers can go to chat, keeping the dormitory area free for sleeping. Guests can also take advantage of day trips and other excursions, as a way to solidify friendships and see the attractions.

For travelers on a budget, there are no better alternatives to hotels than hostels in NY. New York is an amazing place to visit, and taking advantage of all that hostels have to offer is the perfect way to see it all.


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