Make The Most Out Of Your NYC Hostel Stay

Make The Most Out Of Your NYC Hostel Stay
March 4, 2016 jeigh

Hostels are so much more than merely a roof and dry place to sleep. Over the years, they have evolved to offer amenities rivalling those provided by major hotel chains, such as clean washrooms, free Wi-Fi, and even kitchen facilities. They are the perfect alternative to hotels, motels, and short-term accommodation rental, especially for a traveler on a budget. Staying with like-minded people can also make a traveler’s experience that much more enjoyable.


When booking a NYC hostel, travelers should research which neighborhoods are best, and select one accordingly. Travellers should also keep in mind that not all hostels are created equally, and should ensure that the one they book has the services they require. A reputable hostel will also have security and some form of locked storage.

Engage In Activities

To make the most out of a traveler’s hostel stay, he or she should engage in as many activities as possible. Hostels have an incredibly social atmosphere, allowing for guests to meet people from all across the country, or even the world. Most hostels will have a common area separate and apart from the sleeping dormitory, providing a place for social interaction to occur.

Another way to make the most out of the experience is to go on day trips with fellow guests. Some hostels offer excursions as an add-on, which gives travelers an additional opportunity to see the sights of New York City in a new and unique way. Hostels in safe neighborhoods also provide a wonderful opportunity to see more of the local culture, and those within walking distance can be visited with other guests.

Travelers should try to stick less with a rigid schedule and be more open to flexibility. This allows guests to visit desired attractions together, even if they’ve only just met.

Be Social

The best way to completely enjoy a stay at a hostel is to be friendly. While there are bound to be a few shy travellers who opt for hostels, it’s harder to meet new friends that way. The best thing for shy guests to do is to become comfortable with the hostel itself prior to arriving, and to try to spark conversation with one or two other lone travellers. Simple questions, such as “where are you from?” or “what are you most excited to see in New York?” can go a long way to break the ice, and to get to know one’s fellow guests. Day trips and group excursions to local attractions are a great way for shy people to become more comfortable and social while there.


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